MMC Benefits Handbook
Rehabilitation Benefits
Explanation of Rehabilitation Employment
What is vocational rehabilitation?
Vocational rehabilitation is employment or services that prepare you, if disabled, to resume gainful employment. Vocational Rehabilitation Services are provided by the Claims Administrator. These services may include vocational testing or training, work-place modification, prosthesis, or job placement.
What is rehabilitation employment?
Rehabilitation employment, which is part of a program of vocational rehabilitation that is approved by the Claims Administrator, is any gainful occupation or employment for wage or profit, provided such rehabilitative employment is performed during a period in which you are unable to fully perform your regular employment with the Company.
Explanation of Rehabilitation Benefits
What is a rehabilitation benefit?
A rehabilitation benefit is an adjusted benefit that is paid if you are on long term disability and begin an approved program of rehabilitative employment to help you eventually return to full-time work.
The rehabilitative employment may or may not be full-time, and it may or may not be in the job you previously held.
What effect does rehabilitation employment have on my benefit under this plan?
The Basic Long Term Disability Plan's disability benefits are reduced by rehabilitative employment.
Your Basic Long Term Disability Plan benefit will be reduced by 60% of the gross remuneration you receive from your rehabilitative employment. In no event can the total amount received from rehabilitative employment, and this or any other Company plan, exceed 100% of your pre-disability earnings.
How do I know if I am eligible for rehabilitation benefits?
If you are receiving Basic Long Term Disability Plan benefits, you are eligible to participate in the rehabilitation program. The program is designed to meet your specific disability needs, and the Claims Administrator and your physician have to approve your participation in the program.
Is there a penalty for not participating in the work rehabilitation program?
There is no penalty if you do not participate in the rehabilitation employment program.