MMC Benefits Handbook
Returning to Work
Recurrent Disability
If you return to work as an active full time employee during the 26 week (six-month) elimination period, you will be able to return as an active full time employee if the number of days you return to work as an active full time employee is within 26 weeks (182 days) without interrupting the 26 week (six-month) elimination requirement.
After your elimination period, if you return to work as an active full-time employee and have a recurrent disability that is due to the same cause or related cause up to six months of your return to work, then the period of disability prior to your return to work and the new period of recurrent disability will be considered one period of disability.
If you return to work for six months or more, any recurrence of disability will be treated as a new disability and a new elimination period and maximum duration of benefits will apply.
How does the Plan work if I return to work part-time?
If you remain disabled after the elimination period, however you return to work while you are disabled, then the benefit calculations are as follows:
For the following 12-month period; multiply your monthly pre-disability earnings by 40%, up to a maximum monthly benefit of $17,333*. Then add your current monthly earnings; if the sum exceeds your monthly pre-disability earnings, then determine the amount of excess by subtracting your monthly pre-disability earnings from the sum. This means that your monthly benefit and your current monthly earnings may provide an amount up to 100% of your pre-disability earnings.
For example, assume your monthly pre-disability earnings was $6,000 (for a monthly benefit of $2,400 ($6,000 × 40%)); you return to work part-time and receive monthly earnings in the amount of $4,000. Add your monthly benefit of $2,400 to your current monthly earnings of $4,000, which equals $6,400. Then subtract your monthly pre-disability earnings of $6,000 from $6,400 to determine an excess of $400. Your monthly benefit would equal 100% your monthly pre-disability earnings of $6,000.
* If you are employed by any entity in Bermuda, the benefit is 60% of your monthly pre-disability earnings, up to a maximum monthly benefit of $26,000.
How are benefits calculated after the 12th Monthly Benefit has been paid?
After you have received a monthly benefit for a 12-month period, and you continue to be disabled and working, the following benefit calculation would apply:
Monthly Benefit = ((A – B) ÷ A) × C)
A = Your monthly pre-disability earnings
B = Your current monthly earnings
C = The monthly benefit payable if you were totally disabled