MMC Benefits Handbook
Coma Benefits
If you suffer an accident which is covered by the Plan and as a result of the accident, lapse into a coma, a benefit is payable. The benefit payable is based upon 1% of your principal sum, payable monthly for each month you remain in a coma. There is no benefit paid for the first 30 days of the coma. The benefit ceases on the earliest of the following dates:
  • the date you cease to be comatose due to that injury,
  • the date of your death, or
  • the date the total amount of the monthly coma benefits paid for all injuries equals 100% of your principal sum.
Only one benefit is provided for any one month of coma, regardless of the number of injuries causing the coma.
National Union reserves the right, at the end of the first 30 consecutive days of the coma and as often as it may reasonably require thereafter, to determine, on the basis of all facts and circumstances, that the insured is comatose, including but not limited to, requiring an independent medical examination provided at the expense of the Company.