MMC Benefits Handbook
Empathy Services
What kind of support and services can I expect under the MetLife's Empathy Services?
Empathy services provides employees and their families with on-demand personalized guidance to help them throughout the weeks and months following a loss. This feature includes:
  • Tech-enabled assistance and real-time human support via Care Counselors.
  • Probate & estate settlement. A step-by-step checklist is available, as well as secure document storage in a digital vault that can be accessed anytime. The family collaboration tool allows beneficiaries to share tasks with up to 9 people.
  • Assistance with determining if a will is valid.
  • Guidance on income taxes, estate taxes, applying for a tax ID, and necessary paperwork.
  • Help with personal belongings, such as clearing the house, taking inventory, making decisions about who gets what, and finding professionals like appraisers and home liquidators.
  • Assistance with selling the home and a personalized checklist to appraise assets.
  • Grief Support with one-on-one support from Empathy's Care Team and access tools on Empathy's Platform including a daily journal with prompts to reflect on challenging feelings, guided meditations, and more.
  • Account closure service for assistance with closing bank accounts and more.
  • Identity Theft Protection to help protect a loved one's estate, and steps to take if identity theft is suspected.
  • Help beneficiaries locate and prioritize debts, so that they are paid in accordance with probate law.
  • Obituary-writing Service.