MMC Benefits Handbook
Coordinating with other plans
How are other plans' benefits coordinated with benefits under this Plan?
To coordinate benefits, the patient must provide the VSP network doctor with both covered members' names and the employee's social security number.
What if I am covered under two VSP plans?
If you are covered by two VSP plans, the following options for coordinating benefits exist:
  • One pair of glasses: When the patient obtains one complete pair of glasses, the VSP benefits can be coordinated to offset plan copayment(s), lens options and/or frame overage.
  • Contact lenses: When the patient receives contact lenses and an eye exam, the exam can be paid using the primary benefit. The contact lens allowances under both plans can be applied toward the contact lenses.
  • Contact lenses and glasses: When a patient receives prescription glasses (lenses and frame) or contact lenses, the secondary plan amounts available for services received through the primary plan (lenses, frame or contacts) can be applied to offset out-of-pocket expenses.
When VSP administers the secondary plan, the member will receive a specified allowance for each service (exam, lenses, frame or contacts) that will be used to pay up to, but not more than the billed amount. Only services received on the primary benefit may be used for coordinating like services on the secondary benefit. Secondary allowances are applied first to the same service of the primary plan. Any remaining amount may be used to cover additional expenses on other services. If you have questions, contact VSP's Member Services Department at +1 800 877 7195.