MMC Benefits Handbook
Nonqualified Medical Expenses
The following are examples of expenses that would not qualify for a tax-free withdrawal from your Health Savings Account:
  • contributions to other employer-sponsored dental, vision or medical plans, including plans sponsored by your spouse's employer (contributions to the Company's dental, vision and medical plans are already made on a before-tax basis )
Exceptions: COBRA premiums, Medicare premiums, health premiums while you are receiving unemployment insurance, retiree medical plan premiums other than for Medigap insurance and certain long term care insurance premium amounts are considered qualified expenses.
  • costs you deduct as qualified medical expenses on your federal income tax return
  • expenses not eligible to be deducted under federal tax law
  • over-the-counter non-prescription medicines, such as allergy and cold medications, aspirin and antacids
  • expenses reimbursed by any other health plan
  • health/gym/fitness club membership fees (unless you have a letter from your treating physician indicating medical necessity)
  • elective cosmetic surgery: electrolysis, hair removal or transplants, liposuction, etc.
  • vitamins and other dietary supplements, toiletries and cosmetics that are not medically necessary
  • medications purchased merely to maintain you or your family's health
  • prescription drugs that are not medically necessary and not permitted by the IRS (such as Rogaine)
  • cosmetic dental work (including bleaching, bonding and veneers)
  • undocumented travel to or from your physician's office or other medical facility
  • weight loss programs (unless you have a letter from your treating physician indicating medical necessity)