MMC Benefits Handbook
The Program at a Glance
Health Advocate is a service that can help you and eligible family members navigate the health care system. The chart below contains some important program features. For more information, see "How the Program Works."
Program Feature
How the Program Works
  • When you call Health Advocate, you will be assigned a Personal Health Advocate (PHA) who will guide you through the process to get you the help and support you need.
  • The PHA works with a team of health professionals, including nurses, medical directors, claims specialists and benefits professionals. Your PHA is available to answer any health care questions you may have.
  • Health Advocate is not a replacement for health care coverage and should not be used in case of emergencies.
  • See "How the Program Works" for details.
Family Member Eligibility
  • There is no need to enroll and coverage is automatic for eligible employees.
  • There is no cost to you or your eligible family members for using Health Advocate. If the program provides referrals to other services, you are responsible for paying for any services you choose.
  • Your privacy is guaranteed. Reporting of information adheres to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy laws.
  • Your specific name and medical information will NOT be shared with anyone.
  • See "How the Program Works" for details.
Contact Information
For more information, contact:
Health Advocate
Hours: Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Eastern time; after hours and weekends, on call staff is available for assistance.
Phone: +1 866 799 2488
First time user: Enter Marsh McLennan and click continue. Click on register now to create a username and password.
Health Advocate administers this program for Marsh McLennan. Health Advocate's decisions are final and binding and Marsh McLennan does not have any authority to change Health Advocate's decisions.