MMC Benefits Handbook
Financial Concerns
How will this scholarship affect my child's eligibility for other financial aid?
Contact the school's financial aid office to find out how this scholarship might affect your child's eligibility for other financial aid.
Will I need to provide personal financial information on the initial Marsh McLennan Scholarship application?
No. Each Marsh McLennan Scholarship stipend is $1,000 per year for up to four years of college undergraduate study or until baccalaureate degree requirements are completed, whichever occurs first. A selected winner's annual stipend will not be affected by other scholarship aid or by an approved change in college.
Is the scholarship taxable?
The only amounts exempt from federal income taxes are those applied to:
  • tuition
  • enrollment fees
  • books
  • supplies and equipment
If you have questions about tax matters, please check with your tax advisor.