MMC Benefits Handbook
For the insurance plans that provide coverage options for children, refer to the individual benefit plan sections for eligibility requirements.
The Company has the right to require documentation to verify dependency (such as a copy of the court order appointing legal guardianship). Company coverage does not cover foster children or other children living with you, unless you are their legal guardian with full financial responsibility—that is, you or your spouse claims them as a dependent on your annual tax return.
If your child no longer meets the eligibility requirements, you must remove your child from coverage. Go to Colleague Connect (, click Pay & Benefits and select Mercer Marketplace Benefits Enrollment Website under Benefits.
For the insurance plans where enrollment was not completed via Colleague Connect, you must contact the plan's insurer or Claim's Administrator. No refund of contributions and no benefit will be paid beyond the date eligibility ceases. If you fail to remove your child from coverage and any claims are paid for expenses incurred after the date eligibility ceases, you and your family must reimburse the Plan for these claims.
For all of the Marsh McLennan insurance benefit plans except Basic Life and Business Travel Accident Insurance, you must formally enroll to participate. In most cases, you can enroll by going to the applicable benefits enrollment website, Mercer Marketplace Benefits Enrollment Website (Colleague Connect ( or Voluntary Benefits ( Refer to the individual benefit plan sections for enrollment information.
Automatic Enrollment
For Basic Life and Business Travel Accident Insurance, if you are an eligible, active employee your participation begins automatically; you do not need to enroll.
Who receives my life insurance benefit if I don't name a beneficiary?
If you don't name a beneficiary, or if your beneficiary isn't alive when you die, the benefit will go to your estate.