MMC Benefits Handbook
About Your Account
How can I find out my unused account balance and other account information?
You can access the Spending Account Service Center's online website,, the Spending Account Service Center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Spending Account Service Center provides you with helpful tools and information such as:
  • account elections and balances, year-to-date contributions, submitted/paid claims and issued reimbursements,
  • online claim submission,
  • direct deposit form, claim forms, and eligible expenses listings.
When will I receive my account statement?
A statement showing your account activity will be issued twice per year, in October and December, and with each reimbursement check. Note: if you do not have an account balance at the time the statement is issued, you will not receive an account statement.
What information can I find on my account statement?
You will find the following:
Do I earn interest on my account?
No, your account does not earn interest.