MMC Benefits Handbook
Investment Options
Are investment options available?
Yes, investment options are available to those with account balances in excess of $1,000.
How do I learn more about available investment options?
To learn about available investment options, log into the Spending Account Service Center. From the home page of the Spending Account Service Center, select Manage Investments.
Is there an investment maintenance fee if I invest my Health Savings Account?
No, you are not responsible for any flat-rate investment maintenance fees, but a custodial management fee of 0.0625% on the investment balance is assessed quarterly.
Will there be an automatic "sweeping" feature into the Health Savings Account Investment Account once the investment threshold has been met?
Yes, but only if you select the auto-sweep feature. You can select the auto-sweep feature when you make your investment elections through Setup Investment Transfers on the Spending Account Service Center. Once the auto-sweep feature is selected, the "sweeping" feature into the investment account happens automatically once the Health Savings Account balance reaches the investment threshold of $1,000. Your Health Savings Account balance will automatically transfer amounts over $1,000 into the investment funds that you have specified. You have the option to increase your threshold amount above the $1,000 default amount in increments of $100.