MMC Benefits Handbook
The RRA Plan at a Glance
Plan Feature
  • Medicare-eligible retirees and their Medicare-eligible spouses or domestic partners who meet the RRA Plan eligibility criteria, including enrolling in healthcare coverage through Mercer Marketplace Retiree.
  • See "Eligibility" for details.
How the RRA Plan Works
  • Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. (Company) credits benefit dollars to an RRA that can be used toward eligible healthcare expenses, such as premium payments and other eligible out-of-pocket expenses, such as co-pays and coinsurance.
  • The amount credited to the notional account varies depending on the Retiree Category (as defined by the Company) that applies to you and/or your spouse/domestic partner. See "How the RRA Plan Works" for details.
  • The Company credits benefit dollars to the RRA as of the first of each calendar year. The annual amount credited to the notional account is pro-rated for individuals who become eligible during the calendar year.
  • You can be reimbursed up to the amount credited to the notional account for eligible healthcare expenses.
  • Unused amounts in the RRA will not rollover to the next year. You and/or your spouse/domestic partner have until June 30th of the following year to submit claims for reimbursement for eligible healthcare expenses incurred (generally for services received) in the previous calendar year.
  • The Company reserves the right to change the notional dollar amount of any applicable credit of Benefit Dollars (including whether that amount will be zero).
  • The RRA is administered by Mercer Marketplace Retiree.
Contact Information
Mercer Marketplace Retiree
One Investors Way
Norwood MA 02062 USA
Phone: +1 800 553 4958
Fax: +1 857 362 2999
The Company does not adjudicate claims for reimbursement of eligible healthcare expenses under the RRA.