MMC Benefits Handbook
How the Plan Works
This Plan helps you and your family pay for medical care. The PPP offers medical benefits for your health care needs including office visits, inpatient facility services, outpatient facility services, and other provider services. This coverage offers you flexibility in the way you obtain medical benefits. In general, to get the best benefits possible, you should seek services from HMSA Participating Providers.
For more information, including coverage criteria, other limitations of covered services, and excluded services, see the HMSA's Preferred Provider Plan-A Guide to Benefits. Go to Colleague Connect (, click Pay & Benefits, under Find a document, select Search all documents.
Certain expenses not covered by the Plan may be reimbursed through a Health Care Flexible Spending Account.
To receive benefits, the care you receive must be a covered treatment, service, or supply and ordered by a recognized and approved provider.
Preauthorization may be required in order to receive coverage for certain services.