MMC Benefits Handbook
Benefit-Related Information
You are eligible to participate in the Company benefit plans if you are an employee classified on payroll as actively-at-work and if you are a Marsh McLennan employee.
As a new hire, if you are eligible for coverage and enroll, your coverage will be effective on the first day that you begin fulfilling your job responsibilities with the Company at a Company-approved location. If you are absent for any reason on your scheduled first day of work, your coverage will not begin on that date. For example, if you are scheduled to begin work on August 3rd, but are unable to begin work on that day (e.g., because of illness, jury duty, bereavement or otherwise), your coverage will not begin on August 3rd. Thereafter, if you report for your first day of work on August 4th, your coverage will be effective on August 4th.
Review the benefits that are available to you and decide which of the optional plans you would like to enroll in. Complete the enrollment process for the plans that you select. Some plans may have enrollment deadlines that you need to observe.
If you are going to include any of your eligible family members for benefits coverage, you have to provide the full name, Social Security Number, date of birth, gender and relationship to you.
You should select a beneficiary if you participate in any of these benefit plans:
  • Voluntary AD&D
  • Health Savings Account
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • Group Variable Universal Life
  • Personal Life Insurance
  • Marsh & McLennan Companies 401(k) Savings & Investment Plan
  • MMA 401(k) Savings & Investment Plan
  • Supplemental Savings & Investment Plan
Each plan has rules about beneficiary elections.
Refer to the individual benefit plan sections or call HR Services at +1 866 374 2662 for further information.