MMC Benefits Handbook
About the Event
You can make updates to personal information such as your home address by going to Colleague Connect (, and select Workday under Helpful Tools.
Keep your home address current to be sure you continue to receive all Company mailings. Generally, moving will not affect most Company benefits, like your life insurance and retirement plans, unless you transfer to another subsidiary that does not participate in the plans.
You will be notified if your move will affect your medical plan and if you need to make any changes. Upon notification, please contact HR Services at +1 866 374 2662 to discuss and make your new medical plan third party administrator (or carrier with respect to the insured programs) election no later than 30 days from the effective date of your address change being updated in Workday. The notification sent to you will outline your medical plan default if you do not take any action as a result of your home address change. Note: your medical plan coverage level remains the same and is not impacted by your home address change.