MMC Benefits Handbook
Cost of Coverage
You pay the full cost of coverage for the following options:
  • Accident & Illness Plan (starting at $10.36/month)*
  • Accident & Illness Plan plus Wellness (starting at $37.05/month)*
* Premiums vary based on the plan option you elect, your pet's age, breed, ZIP code, state and gender. The amount you pay will also change at each renewal since the cost of caring for your pet changes with age.
For a quote on the cost of coverage for your pet refer to TrustedPals. Go to the Voluntary Benefits website ( Click Pay & Benefits and select Mercer Voluntary Benefits under Benefits. You pay the full cost of coverage.
How do I pay for coverage?
You pay for coverage through after-tax payroll deductions or direct pay. If you opt for direct bill, you can pay with a credit card or automatic checking account withdrawal payment option. If you pay monthly installments, there is a $1 per month transaction fee.
How do I pay for coverage if I take an unpaid leave of absence?
Coverage will remain in effect, provided you continue to make the required contributions. Eligible employees may continue to make the required group rate contributions through the end of your policy period, directly to TrustedPals through direct billing.
How do I pay for coverage if I take a paid leave of absence?
Coverage will remain in effect. Your cost for coverage will continue to be withheld from your pay.
Will my costs change?
Yes. Your cost for pet insurance will change at each renewal.
The renewal date is the anniversary of the date you were approved and your policy issued. TrustedPals will send an email to remind you your renewal date is coming. On your renewal date, your plan limit and annual deductible will reset. In addition, the cost of your pet insurance can change. The cost of the pet insurance depends on where you live, what breed of dog or cat you have, the age of your pets, etc.
If you need your renewal date, you can find it in your profile in the TrustedPals' Pawtal or call +1 800 225 2265. Your TrustedPals' Pawtal profile can be set-up at the time of registration or anytime by visiting the TrustedPals website at
TrustedPals reserves the right to change the amount you are required to contribute at any time.
Do I pay for my coverage with before-tax or after-tax dollars?
You pay for your pet insurance with after-tax dollars.