MMC Benefits Handbook
You can name anyone as your beneficiary, including a trust or an estate, or you can name multiple beneficiaries who will split the benefit.
You are always the beneficiary for your covered family members at issue. Once the policy has been issued, the beneficiary can be changed.
How do I name or change my beneficiary?
You name or change a beneficiary by completing a Beneficiary Designation Form.
You can download the Beneficiary Designation Form by going to Colleague Connect ( Click Pay & Benefits, under Find a document, select Search all documents. Return the completed form as it instructs.
Who receives my Personal Life Insurance benefit if I don't name a beneficiary?
If you do not name a beneficiary, or if your beneficiary is not alive when you die, the benefit will go to your estate.
Can I assign my benefit?
Yes. For more information you can call Unum's voluntary benefit services at +1 800 635 5597. You cannot change your beneficiary(ies) if you have assigned rights or assigned beneficiary designations.