MMC Benefits Handbook
Eligible Children
Can I cover my dependent child under a stand-alone policy?
You can cover:
  • your legally adopted child
  • your biological child
  • your stepchild
  • a child for whom you are the legally appointed guardian with full financial responsibility
For your child to be covered, your child must be:
  • between 14 days and 24 years of age (max 14 years in NY), and
  • unmarried
Can I cover my grandchild?
You can cover your grandchildren under the Plan with a stand-alone policy if:
  • your grandchild is between the age of 14 days and 24 years (max 14 years in NY) as of the date the insurer approves your coverage.
Can I cover my married child who is still dependent on me?
No. You cannot cover your married child, even if the child is still dependent on you.
My spouse also works for the Company; can we both cover our child?
The child can be covered under a stand-alone policy. Either the employee or spouse can buy coverage, not both.