MMC Benefits Handbook
Eligible Spouses and Domestic Partners
To obtain spousal or domestic partner coverage, you will need to contact the carrier directly.
Marsh McLennan reserves the right to require documentary proof of your domestic partnership at any time, for the purpose of determining benefits eligibility. If requested, you must provide documents verifying either the registration of your domestic partnership with a state or local authority or your cohabitation and/or mutual commitment.
Can I cover my spouse?
You can cover your spouse, as long as your spouse's age as of the date the insurer approves your coverage is between 15 and 80 years.
Can I cover my domestic partner?
Coverage for your approved same gender or opposite gender domestic partner is available for all applications for coverage submitted before January 1, 2007. For all applications after that date, coverage for your approved domestic partner is available where required by applicable law.
When coverage for your approved domestic partner is available, you and your domestic partner must meet all requirements to be domestic partners under the laws of your state of residence.
Your domestic partner is not eligible for coverage if he or she is eligible for Medicare.
My spouse or domestic partner also works for the Company; can I still cover my spouse or domestic partner under the Plan?
If your eligible approved spouse or domestic partner is also a Company employee, you and your eligible approved spouse or domestic partner can be covered as either an employee or a family member of an employee (you can't be covered as both) under your Plan.