MMC Benefits Handbook
Vision and Hearing
  • Purchase cost of eye glasses, contact lenses, or hearing aids
  • Fitting charge for hearing aids, eye glasses or contact lenses
  • Orthoptics or other vision therapy
  • Surgery that is intended to allow you to see better without glasses or other vision correction, including radial keratotomy, laser, and other refractive eye surgery.
  • Implantable lenses used only to correct a refractive error (such as Intacs corneal implants)
  • Bone anchored hearing aids except when either of the following applies:
    • For Covered Persons with craniofacial anomalies whose abnormal or absent ear canals preclude the use of a wearable hearing aid.
    • For Covered Persons with hearing loss of sufficient severity that it would not be adequately remedied by a wearable hearing aid.
    • The Plan will not pay for more than one bone anchored hearing aid per Covered Person who meets the above coverage criteria during the entire period of time the Covered Person is enrolled in this Plan. In addition, repairs and/or replacement for a bone anchored hearing aid for Covered Persons who meet the above coverage are not covered, other than for malfunctions.