MMC Benefits Handbook
Physical Appearance
  • Cosmetic procedures. Examples include:
    • Pharmacological regimens (e.g., systematic course of drugs), nutritional procedures or treatments
    • Scar or tattoo removal or revision procedures (such as salabrasion, chemosurgery and other such skin abrasion procedures)
    • Skin abrasion procedures performed as a treatment for acne
    • Orthognathic surgery, for cosmetic reasons
  • Replacement of an existing breast implant if the earlier breast implant was performed as a cosmetic procedure. Note: Replacement of an existing breast implant is considered reconstructive if the initial breast implant followed mastectomy.
  • Physical conditioning programs such as athletic training, body-building, exercise, fitness, flexibility, and diversion or general motivation.
  • Weight loss programs whether or not they are under medical supervision. Weight loss programs for medical reasons are also excluded. Wigs are generally excluded except in cases of hair loss due a severe medical condition or treatment.
  • Hair removal or replacement by any means.
  • Treatments for skin wrinkles or any treatment to improve the appearance of the skin.
  • Treatment for spider veins.
  • Skin abrasion procedures performed as a treatment for acne.
  • Treatments for hair loss.
  • Varicose vein treatment of the lower extremities, when it is considered cosmetic.
  • Sclerotherapy treatment of veins.