MMC Benefits Handbook
The Program at a Glance
Bright Horizons Back-Up Care offers a network of quality care resources when you need to be at work and your regular child or adult/elder care arrangement is temporarily unavailable. The chart below contains some important program features. For more information, see "How the Program Works."
Program Feature
How the Program Works
  • You have access to the following back-up care programs – center-based child care; in-home child care (well and mildly ill); in-home adult/elder care.
  • A care consultant can assist you 24/7 in finding the care arrangement that will best meet your needs, and all resources can also be accessed online.
  • Up to 15 days of back-up care per calendar year.
  • See "How the Program Works" for details.
  • You are eligible to participate in this program if you meet the eligibility requirements set forth below.
  • See "Participating in the Program" for details.
Family and Household Member Eligibility
  • Your family and household members can receive care services through Bright Horizons Back-Up Care if they meet the program's eligibility requirements.
  • See "Participating in the Program" for details.
  • Coverage is automatic.
  • There is no cost to you for registering for the program. Registration is recommended so you are prepared in the event of a last-minute care emergency.
  • Center-based care is $25 per child per visit with a maximum of $35 per family per visit.
  • All in-home care services are $8/hour (4 hour minimum and 10 hour maximum per day).
Contact Information
For more information, contact:
Bright Horizons Back-Up Care – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Phone: +1 877 BH CARES (+1 877 242 2737)
First time user: username = MMCo and password = 4Backup.Upon registration, create a username and password.
Once enrolled, if you wish to change coverage, where eligible, you must contact the Plan Administrator.
Marsh & McLennan Companies does not administer this program. Bright Horizons' decisions are final and binding.