MMC Benefits Handbook
Cost of Coverage
You pay the full cost for your InfoArmor coverage. PrivacyArmor and PrivacyArmorPlus offer two flat rates—one for employee only and one for employee plus family or household members. Your cost is listed below.
Semi-Monthly Cost
Weekly Cost
Employee (One Bureau)
Employee + spouse or domestic partner (One Bureau)
Employee (Tri-Bureau)
Employee + spouse or domestic partner (Tri-Bureau)
For billing inquiries, call Mercer Voluntary Benefits (provided by Mercer Health & Benefits Administration) at +1 800 225 2265.
How do I pay for InfoArmor coverage?
You pay for InfoArmor coverage through after-tax payroll deductions.
How do I make contributions while I take a paid leave of absence?
Your coverage will remain in effect. Your contributions will continue to be withheld from your pay.
How do I make contributions while I take an unpaid leave of absence?
Eligible employees may continue to make the required contributions at the group rate through electronic funds transfer or credit card payments.
Do I have to make contributions to my InfoArmor coverage if I become disabled?
You must continue to pay for InfoArmor coverage if you become disabled and chose to continue coverage.
Will my cost change?
Your costs for InfoArmor coverage may change. Generally, if the cost changes, it will occur on January 1.
InfoArmor reserves the right to change the amount you are required to contribute at any time.
Do I pay for coverage with before-tax or after-tax dollars?
You pay for InfoArmor coverage with after-tax dollars.