MMC Benefits Handbook
Making Notional Investment Option Elections
To select your notional investment option elections for future employee deferrals, go to Colleague Connect (, click Career & Rewards and select Transamerica under Tools or call the Employee Service Center at +1 866 374 2662.
Transactions involving selecting or changing notional investment directions for future employee deferrals and future Company credits must be submitted by 4 p.m. Eastern time one day prior to the pay date.
Transactions involving the reallocation/transfer of existing account balances must be submitted by 4 p.m. Eastern time to take effect the same day.
If you are an active employee, go to Colleague Connect ( Click Career & Rewards, select Transamerica under Tools.
If you are a terminated employee, go to Connect (, select a region then click on Transamerica.
In each case, a confirmation statement generally will be mailed or emailed within two business days of your request.
While you are a Plan participant:
  • you may select the notional investment directions of your future employee deferrals;
  • you may select the notional investment directions of future Company credits which need not be the same as your directions for future employee deferrals; and
  • you may select new notional investments for your existing account (by electing a fund reallocation or a fund to fund transfer of your existing balance).
Be sure to read the fund prospectus and, if available, summary prospectus, offering statement, if applicable for a fund or investment option, and fund fact sheet carefully before making your notional investment decision because you are responsible, under this type of plan, for gains and losses resulting from your investment direction elections.