MMC Benefits Handbook
Dividend Direction Options
The shares of stock held in the MMC Stock Fund may pay dividends from time to time, usually on a quarterly basis (although dividends are never guaranteed). The dividends attributable to the portion of your accounts invested in the MMC Stock Fund will be reinvested in the MMC Stock Fund unless you elect to have them paid out to you. You have the following options with regard to your dividends:
  • for active employees:
    • all dividends paid out via non-payroll check or direct deposit.
    • all dividends reinvested.
  • for terminated employees:
    • all dividends paid out via check.
    • all dividends reinvested.
Note: dividend payments that are less than $10 will automatically be reinvested in your account in the Plan.
If you have requested a distribution, there will be no dividend reinvestment with respect to the portion of your account that is being distributed. It will be paid out according to your distribution election on file within the last 180 days. If your form has expired, see distribution options under "How Benefits Are Paid" for details.
If you are on an authorized unpaid leave of absence or long-term disability, dividends will be paid according to your most recent election.
If you do not have a dividend election on file for a particular quarter, your share of the dividends in the MMC Stock Fund will be reinvested. Dividend reinvestment will continue until you elect a different option. You must complete your transaction by 4 p.m. Eastern time on the day prior to the pay date.