MMC Benefits Handbook
What Is Not Covered
Under the Voluntary AD&D Plan, losses aren't covered under the Plan if they result from:
  • an accident that happens while serving as a pilot or crew member for any aircraft, unless you are carrying out assigned job duties while employed by the Company as a corporate pilot or crew member.
  • suicide or any attempt at suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury or any attempt at intentionally self-inflicted injury.
  • declared or undeclared war or any act of declared or undeclared war in your country of permanent residence, the United States of America, its territories and possessions, Canada, Mexico.
  • full-time active duty in any armed forces of any country or international authority except while on a short-term National Guard or reserve duty for regularly scheduled training purposes.
  • sickness, disease, mental incapacity or bodily infirmity whether the loss results directly or indirectly from any of these, unless specifically provided by the Plan.
Also, death or dismemberment has to be directly related to the injuries from the accident and occur within 365 days of the accident.