MMC Benefits Handbook
The following definitions of salary apply in determining your GVUL Insurance Plan benefit:
  • For Marsh & McLennan Companies employees (other than MMA): Salary for the purpose of the Plan is your annual base salary (excluding overtime, bonuses, commissions, and other extra compensation).
  • For MMA employees: Salary for the purpose of the Plan is your annual base salary, regular draw and earned commissions.
If my salary changes, what happens to my life insurance benefits?
If your salary increases, your GVUL Insurance Plan benefit amount will be adjusted on the first of the month following MMC's notification to MetLife (based on the salary changes noted in the weekly eligibility files transmitted to MetLife), provided you are Actively-At-Work if you are a Marsh & McLennan Companies employee. Decreases in salary do not result in a decrease in coverage.
Evidence of Insurability is not required for an increase in coverage resulting from a salary change.
Will my benefits be reduced as I get older?
There is no reduction of the GVUL Insurance Plan benefit because of your age.
Are there any losses not covered under this Plan?
There are no benefits paid in the event of suicide, while sane or insane, within two years from the effective date of coverage. In the event of suicide (while sane or insane) after this initial two-year period, any increase in coverage must be in effect for at least two years.