MMC Benefits Handbook
You can name anyone as your beneficiary, including a trust or an estate, or you can name multiple beneficiaries who will split the benefit. When you enroll at, you will have to complete a Beneficiary Designation Form naming your beneficiary.
You are automatically the beneficiary for the Spouse and Child Life Insurance coverage. If your spouse, domestic partner or covered child dies, you will receive the benefit.
Can I assign my benefit to someone else?
The Plan also permits an absolute assignment to an individual or a trust. See "Assigning Your Benefit." It is important to have a current beneficiary designation on file with the Company at all times. If you have no surviving beneficiary, the benefit will be paid to your estate.
How do I name or change a beneficiary?
To name or change a beneficiary, you will need to complete a Beneficiary Designation Form. You can download the Beneficiary Designation Form by going to, and after completion, return the signed and dated Beneficiary Designation Form to the Employee Service Center for record keeping. However, if an irrevocable or absolute assignment is completed, you cannot change your beneficiary under any circumstances.
Who receives my life insurance benefit if I don't name a beneficiary?
If you don't name a beneficiary, or if your beneficiary isn't alive when you die, the benefit will be paid to your estate.
Who is the beneficiary if I die at the same time as my spouse/domestic partner and/or my child?
If you die at the same time as your spouse/domestic partner and/or child, your benefit will be determined based on the New York Estates, Powers & Trust Law governing multiple deaths, which generally provides that the benefit will be distributed as if you survived your beneficiary, if there is no sufficient evidence that your deaths were not simultaneous.