MMC Benefits Handbook
What's Covered
Pre-existing Conditions
There are no exclusions, limitations or waiting periods for pre-existing conditions for you or any covered family members.
Are immunizations for business travel covered under the Plan?
The Plan covers immunizations for business travel.
Is acupuncture covered under the Plan?
The Plan covers acupuncture when it is:
  • performed by a physician as a form of anesthesia in connection with surgery or dental procedure that is covered under the Plan.
  • a form of Alternative Treatment as long as it is rendered by a certified/licensed individual.
Coverage is limited to 12 visits per year.
Are insulin pump supplies covered under the medical coverage?
Yes. Insulin pump supplies are covered under the medical coverage. Insulin pump supplies are not covered under the prescription drug coverage. Any disposable syringes used in conjunction with insulin pump treatment would be covered under the pharmacy benefits.
Can a prosthetic device be replaced?
The Plan covers the replacement of prosthetic devices when medically necessary. The Plan does not cover replacements due to loss or misuse. Prior authorization is required for durable medical equipment that cost more than $1,000 to purchase or rent.
Are wigs covered?
The Plan will pay benefits for wigs when medically necessary up to a maximum of $300 per calendar year per covered member